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Trunited's Mission: To help you earn an extra $500/month or more in income without changing the amount you already spend on shopping; to empower you to help as many families as possible do the same.


Use Trunited to earn money back on every purchase you make. Teach your friends to shop through Trunited and earn money on their purchases too.


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Never shop with a brand that doesn't pay you back again. With Trunited, you can choose from top brands who want your business and get paid just for living your life. Treat yourself to a smarter shopping experience.

Success Stories

Everyone who buys on Trunited.com is compensated.  The level of your compensation is equal to your contribution!  Use Trunited to save and earn a little each month on your shopping or turn Trunited in to your sole focus for financial freedom.  Anyone can succeed with Trunited. Hear from just a few of the countless loyal shoppers who joined Trunited for free and found a way of life.

“I love that Trunited is made for everyone. With the 3 simple steps already laid out for the business owner it allows us to focus on building a business to reach our goals and dreams. The best part is we get to help others do the same!"- Grace W.
"I couldn't be more excited to be at the beginning of the most disruptive home based businesses in well over 50 years! Trunited's FREE profit-sharing model is incredible! Finally, a business EVERYONE can succeed with!"- James W.
“With Trunited, you have a turnkey business that is profitable from day one. It’s the best and most efficient vehicle for anyone to achieve their dreams."

- Gilmore G.
" With my FREE Trunited affiliation I am getting paid back on products I buy anyway. I'm able to spend time with the people I love and remain in a career that I find fulfilling.This is more than a win/win, it’s DISRUPTION!"

- Leigh Ann S.
"Here's what I know about Trunited: Trunited is the vehicle that is going to allow every single one of us to reach our wildest dreams. And our purpose is to help others reach theirs."

- James K.
"In my 20 years building successful eCommerce companies, I have never seen a business so simple and easy to scale from the comfort of your home. This vehicle will help you reach your goals if you are serious about your financial future.”

- Carlos S.

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